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We Got The job

We are so excited to share that we have our first booking. At the end of July we will going into a fantastic school to talk to parents about Richards life experience growing up and being scared to show his autism and compressing his needs to fit in at home and at school.

This way of life is not healthy and its important to understand that a child needs space to be them self and if they cant do this at home are at school it may come out in other ways.. the talk will involve showing his examples of how he coped as a child to how he copes now..

"Just because i have autism doesn't mean i cant have my own family and business, i am more successful because i have autism not the other way round."

Our hexi chew needed a drink so we had a coffee while we had a ver important meeting
Autism Coffee Morning


Keep popping by to see the update of how we got on.

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