Our Journey so Far 

Here we share what we have been up too 


We want to show that autism is awesome so richie gives his insight talk to the community around the region to as many schools, and nurserys as he can to help the parents understand autism. the uqine way richie talks about his own experiance really does show that autism can be awesome and with the understanding that  some one that has lived with it all his life and been scared to share his ways and understanding with the world
Places we have met awesome parents and helping the community

"The sue Hedley Nursery School, Heburn"

"Sunderland regional heads"

"Oxclose primary academy, Washington"

"penny well early years centre, Pennywell"

"Vally View primary school, Jarrow

"Hedworth fileld primary school, Jarrow" 

"Autism out reach team, Washington"

"Oxclose community nursery school, Washington"

"Greenland Community primary school, Stanley"

"Perth green communitiy Centre, Boldon"

"Whickham Secondary School, Whickham"

"Fellgate Primary School Autism unit, Jarrow"



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