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Now That's What We Call Sensory

It wasn't till we started to build our sensory box that we released how expensive this stuff really is. Then we found lilbits and the price is so so low me managed to get more than than we set out for. Not only are the prices low they also have a great range of products for all sensory needs.


As you know we love things you can carry, so this company suits us to the ground. The staff are very welcoming and when we first contacted them on Facebook there response time was amazing. Make sure you click the image and check out there amazing stock of sensory stuff

Autism can be awesome and shops like this make Awesometistic feel apart of something special


Why should you trust Them?

They are a family of five who LOVE play, LOVE toys and LOVE finding new ways to have FUN and we like to share this with people who have the same outlook to help inspire in the home and in any setting where children play!SO whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a childminder, a teacher, an OT, a Health Visitor, a Playgroup leader, a get where we are going with this yes?....then we should have something here for you!We have a background of being parents, childminder and nursery worker and have skills and knowledge in retail and running a business so we thought we would combine all of those areas and open up Lilbits!We are a toy store with a difference, we choose toys and resources which we have tried and tested ourselves within play sessions, working in childcare and at home with our own children. If we think that it is not any good...we don't sell it! So we always appreciate feedback and reviews of our products so we know what works for people and what doesn't!Customer Service is super super important to us, we treat our customers how we expect to be treated by other companies and if you contact us about anything we will always respond and will always help ! You do not have to worry about spending money with us and never being able to contact us - we are not a faceless company - we put ourselves in the forefront of social media so you know you can trust us and have any enquiries you might have before or after a purchase dealt with to a high standard xSo whether it is by phone, email or Facebook messenger just contact us and we can help anyway we can.Don't forget to have a look through our blog and follow us on social media for product reviews, business updates and giveaways!

Keep popping by to see the update of how we got on.

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