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My Autism Insight
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Sharing my unique experiences to inspire and help others reach their potential.
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Training With A Twist

During our training, which can be delivered to both staff or parents/carers of someone with autism we hope to give you more insight into everyday life for someone with autism.

"As you may know the term "stimming" is short for self-stimulatory behavior and is sometimes also called "stereotypic" behavior. In a person with autism, stimming usually refers to specific behaviors that include hand- flapping, rocking, spinning, or repetition of words and phrases".(vwh,jul 2017)

We will discuss stimming and tools that are available to help your child in the many different ways they may need it. We will share the importance of allowing the child or adult to be able to feel free to stim and be open about themselves.

Our training gives an insight into my personal autism and how this shows the importance of allowing and encouraging a child to stim freely and not feel the need to be embarrassed or ashamed to stim. Children sometimes learn how to mask and compress, for example when playing with friends a child may feel the need to compress their stimming to fit in. This is a natural thing a child might want to do but the most important thing is for them to learn that they are able to let this out at home. Within my talks I highlight the fact that we need to encourage and reassure the little ones that at home they don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed to be themselves. Not having a space to be themselves and address their autism needs may cause more harmful behaviour.

There will be times when the child needs or wants to compress certain things, but we hope with our training you may be able to see that you need to work with the child and not against. Simple changes can make a big impact. It is important to work alongside the autistic person to show them you are accepting of them and their need to stim or compress at certain times. This will allow them to feel more comfortable in themselves and will be able to manage their autism better because of it.

It is important that you get to know your child’s autism so that you are able to make them aware when their compressing is becoming harmful and things they may need to do at certain times to be able to help keep them calm and less anxious.

By showing you products that are available we hope to be able to give you the knowledge needed to help support your child with their autism so that they feel they can discuss with you their feelings and are able to be open and honest without judgement. This is essential for each child with their autism so that their behaviour doesn’t fall into harmful behaviour.

There will be a chance to look at products that are available now for supporting autism and to discuss how each of them helped/helps Richie and the difference it caused made not knowing these products were available to buy for autism.

Autism in the real world

Unique training provides insight into autism from someone who lives it everyday.
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What This Service Can Offer

During our training for companies we will give an insight into what it can be like for autistic people on an everyday basis. For instance using public transport, using retail services and other companies. We can offer possible ways that businesses can alter working practice to be able to assist their customers to have a more comfortable experience with their company.

We hope that my personal experience of autism and routine daily triggers can help companies learn how to become more autism friendly in the way they operate, and in turn enable autistic people to become more comfortable in their surroundings.

We will bring some products that an autistic person may use. These may help you to gain insight into what it can be like for them out in the world and may help you to think about even small changes that can be made in your business that could make a huge impact on someone like myself.

Coming Soon

We are Working hard on a new service are cant wait to share them soon
Duration Varies | 
Please contact us
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New Service Coming Soon 

Something very interesting is coming soon but i can tell you its a sensory secret. 

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