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Growing up without a diagnoses of ASD was difficult to say the least, i struggled immensely with everyday life and didn't understand where I fit into the world. I did all these different behaviour’s that at the time I didn't understand why I was doing them but really struggled to stop. As I have felt throughout life I have had to hide away and compress everything deep inside I have learnt a lot about myself and become very self aware which I feel puts me in a very good position to help families, businesses, schools or the general public learn more about ASD and how they can change their environment or their behaviour to help people that have ASD.

Passionate About Inspiring Others


Autism Spectrum Disorder

It took until I was 33 before I received my ASD diagnoses and when I did I felt like a great weight had been lifted away and I could finally be myself, if I had been given this diagnoses back when i was a child and received the proper support needed my whole childhood would have been different and happier.

I dont ever want another child to have to go through the childhood that I had by having to hide their ASD for fear of getting punished or criticised. So this is why I started my business as if I can help people to try to understand a child and their ASD more then I will have done my job correct. If children with ASD are supported correctly throughout their life there is no reason why they cannot go on to have jobs and a family of their own.

I want to be able to give my perspective on my ASD and hope that this can help a family, a school or business gain insight into someone they may love, work with or just come into contact with. The world can be a scary place for someone with ASD and if we can help to make it even a little easier for all of us then i think that we should.

I am aware that every persons autism is different but my message remains the same for all in that these children need to know that they are loved and can be themselves without fear of being judged whether that be at home, school or out in public. I feel i want to raise awareness and give a little insight into my own autistic life in the hope that it can help others. Autism can be twice as hard when you dont have anyone to trust are talk too. Being a parent has a key responsibility to how a child can grow with autism.

I dont want a child to feel they need to compress at school and at home, as where does that leave them.

I have a full enhanced DBS check for both children and adults (will be provided on request, update service in place) , training qualifications and public liability insurance.

Most of all a Full Diagnosis of ASD. Which i am super Proud to have........

  • Full insured public liability insurance.

  • Enhanced DBS Update service. ( codes given out prior training )

  • All information can be shown on request.

  • BTEC Teacher training and delivering. 

  • ASD full diagnosis can be provided on request.
    (Thank you Genes)

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